Important Issues Before Legislative Education Study Committee This Week


Santa Fe- The Legislative Education Study Committee will begin meeting this week today and continue through Friday,  September 23-25.  You can see the meeting on the webcast  at The agenda for the  Legislative Education Study Committee:

Legislative Education Study Committee

September 23-25, 2020 Santa Fe, New Mexico Hybrid Meeting

House Chamber and WebEx

For public webcast please tune in at

Wednesday, September 23

9:00 (1) Call to Order, Introductions, and Approval of September Agenda and August Minutes. Representative Christine Trujillo, Chair

9:10 (2) FY21 School Budgets Post Solvency. Adan Delgado, Deputy Secretary of Finance and Administration, Public Education Department (PED); Dennis Roch, President, New Mexico School Superintendents Association and Superintendent, Logan Municipal Schools; Scott Elder, Superintendent, Albuquerque Public Schools; Karen Trujillo, Ph.D., Superintendent, Las Cruces Public Schools; Sue Cleveland, Ed.L.D., Superintendent, Rio Rancho Public Schools (RRPS); Brenda Vigil, Superintendent, Tularosa Municipal Schools; and Kodi Sumpter, Superintendent, Des Moines Public Schools

— Setting the FY21 Program Unit Value

— Revisions to PED’s Chart of Accounts

— PED Oversight and Budget Review Process

— Instructional Spending Amounts

— Use of At-Risk Funds

— Participation in New Programs

— Budgets for Instructional Materials

12:00 Lunch provided by The College Board

1:00 (3) Improving Education the New Mexico Way: An Evidence-Based Approach. Jeannie Oaks, Ph.D., Senior Fellow, Learning Policy Institute (LPI) and Carmen Gonzales, Ph.D., Consultant, LPI and Vice President Emeritus, New Mexico State University

2:30 (4) Statewide Education and Telehealth Networks. Jen Leasure, President, The Quilt; Ray Timothy, Executive Director, Utah Education and Telehealth Network; and Louis Fox, President and CEO, Corporation for Education Initiatives in California

4:00 Recess

Thursday, September 24

9:00 (5)

Neuroscience of Learning, Culturally Responsive Practices, and State Initiatives.

Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, Ph.D., Professor of Education and Neuroscience, University of Southern California (USC) and Director, USC Center for Affective


Thursday, September 24 (Continued)

Neuroscience, Development, Learning and Education; Mayra Valtierrez, Director of Language and Culture, PED; Gwen Perea Warniment, Ph.D., Deputy Secretary of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment, PED; Kara Bobroff, Founding Principal, Native American Community Academy and Founder and Board Member, NACA Inspired Schools Network; Suzanne Nguyen, Executive Director, Federal, Bilingual, and Native American Programs, RRPS; LuJuana Coleman, Executive Director of Secondary Curriculum and Instruction, RRPS; Mrs. Cleveland; and Shawna Becenti, Head of School, Navajo Preparatory School

10:45 (6) Supporting Native American Students in FY20 and FY21. Rebecca Reyes, Deputy Director, Indian Education Division, PED; Pandora Mike, Chair, Indian Education Advisory Council; Karen Sanchez-Griego, Ed.D., Superintendent, Cuba Independent Schools; Isabelle St. Onge, Director, Vista Grande High School, Taos Municipal Schools; and Kevin Shendo, Director, Pueblo of Jemez Department of Education

12:30 Lunch provided by Thompson Consulting

1:00 (7) Update on Perkins V and Career and Technical Education. Elaine Perea, Ph.D., Director, College and Career Readiness Bureau, PED; Mrs. Perea Warniment; Tracey Bryan, President and CEO, Bridge of Southern New Mexico; Robin Kuykendall, Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management, and Student Affairs Chair, Clovis Community College; and Eugene Schmidt, Ph.D., Superintendent, Farmington Municipal Schools

2:30 (8) Early Childhood Education and Care Funding and Performance Update. Jon Courtney, Ph.D., Deputy Director, Legislative Finance Committee (LFC) and Kelly Klundt, Principal Analyst, LFC

3:15 (9) Early Childhood Education: Programs for 4-Year-Olds. Elizabeth Groginsky, Secretary, Early Childhood Education and Care Department

4:15 Recess

Friday, September 25

New Mexico Senate Republican Office Immediate Release   September 23, 2020 Contact: Diane Kinderwater  email or text 505-400-8848


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