JV Lady Panthers win two out of three versus Dora



By John Earp

Last Tuesday evening in the Panther Gym, the Lady Panthers’ JV Volleyball Team played the Dora Lady Coyotes. The game went back and forth in the early minutes of play, with Dora continuing to keep a slim lead of 2 points throughout most of the first half of the first game. The Lady Panthers then began having significant difficulty getting the ball back over the net, and trailed by 9 points. The Panthers then made a very exciting comeback, shortening the Lady Coyotes’ lead to 2 points, 22-20. Unfortunately, a poor serve resulted in a turnover, extending Dora’s lead 24-20. The Lady Panthers lost their first game 20-25.

In their second game of the evening, the JV Lady Panthers had difficulty gaining traction at the beginning, giving up 6 unanswered points to Dora before finally scoring their first point in the 2nd game. The Panthers were able to rally and narrow Dora’s lead to 2 points. The Panthers then pulled to within 1 point, 12-11 midway through the 2nd game, and then proceeded to tie up the game 12-12. The Coyotes then took back their lead before giving the Panthers their first lead of the night, 17-16 as a result of some errors on the part of the Lady Coyotes. Panthers led 18-16 before a flubbed serve gave the ball back to the Lady Coyotes. The Lady Panthers seemed to be hitting on all cylinders at this point, achieving a 4-point lead, 21-17. A failed serve by the Coyotes was answered by a failed Panther serve. The Panthers led 23-20 at that point, but the Lady Coyotes soon were able to narrow the Panthers’ lead to just one point, 23-22, in a very competitive game. Dora then failed to return the ball, giving the Lady Panthers game point, 24-22. The Lady Panthers were able to win with a ball that hit the top of the net, dropping in an almost impossible-to-return manner on the Dora side.

In their third game, the Lady Panthers jumped ahead 8-0 before a flubbed serve gave the ball to Dora. The Lady Coyotes then rallied, gaining 6 unanswered points. The Lady Panthers gained back some of their momentum, pulling ahead 12-7. The Coyotes were able to rally with what appeared to be some very lucky hits, narrowing Jal’s lead to 2 points, 14-12. The JV Lady Panthers won the game 15-12, winning 2 games to 1 over the Lady Coyotes.


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