New precautions for New Mexicans due to increase of Covid-19 cases


By Krystal O’Berry

In a press conference earlier today New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham addressed rise in Covid-19 happening all over the state. The state will reimplement different procedures to help combat the current number of cases in hopes to bring the number back down.

The recent rise in cases has been attributed to the strain of Covid-19 delta variant that has shown to be several times more contagious than the original Covid-19 pandemic wave. The new wave of infection has caused many hospitals in the state to be filled to complete capacity. The number of vaccinations that are being administered throughout the state have fallen significantly compared to earlier this year.

To help combat the virus, New Mexico officials have decided to replace several requirements back in place. Indoor masks will again be required in all public settings. This requirement will be required for anyone over the age of two unless they are eating or drinking. The public health order allows for businesses and places of worship to place stricter requirements as they deem necessary. Masks have been recommended by the Center for Disease Control to help prevent the spread of the virus.

The New Mexico Department of Health has also intended to require all employees who work in high-risk settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, adult day cares, hospice and rehab facilities, correctional and juvenal centers and residential treatment facilities. Exemptions will be made for certain individuals but will be considered on an individual basis and will have to be discussed with individual supervisors. Many places of employment have already begun a vaccinate or test for many of their employees. School workers will now be required to do the same.

To help encourage New Mexicans to get vaccinated each person who has received a vaccine will receive $100 from the state. New Mexicans interested in receiving the incentive must register at

With the changes that have been put in place for vaccines, many New Mexicans have begun to take what they believe to be precautions. New Mexicans in Lea County has begun preparing for the possibility of another state shut down. Local stores in Hobbs have begun selling out of materials, food, and other required necessities that were in short supply when the state went into lockdown in 2020. Although there have been no statements made about another potential lockdown. Schools, places of business and health care facilities have begun putting cleaning and other precautions to help keep New Mexicans healthy. Making sure that a family is purchasing only materials that each family needs will ensure that there is enough for every New Mexican.

In her most recent report, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham stated, “I know many New Mexicans who are conscientious about public health and committed to protecting their families and communities have already resumed wearing their facemasks. I sincerely thank you for taking this step and for putting the health and safety of our state first.”