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New Mexico Senate Republican Office

Immediate Release  March 15, 2019

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On to Governor- Sen. Fulfer and Griggs’ Good for Business Bill 

Provides Surveying/Engineering

Scholarships and License Resiprocity


                               R – Jal- 41




Sponsors Senator Gregg Fulfer and Senator Ron Griggs

SB 447


(to get bill document press CTRl and click the bill #)


Santa Fe —The booming business in Southeastern New Mexico and in other parts of the state will benefit from the bill is on the Governor’s desk after passing the Senate and House.   SB 447  will provide scholarships for engineers and surveyors who are willing to reside and work in New Mexico.  The bill sponsored by Senator Gregg Fulfer (R-Jal)  and Senator Ron Griggs (R-Alamogordo) also allows certain engineers and surveyors licensed in another state to be more easily licensed in New Mexico.


“Jobs in Southeastern New Mexico are being help up because there are not enough surveyors and engineers. Business in the oil fields is booming and it is  taking up to nine months to get a job surveyed,” Senator Gregg Fulfer said.  “This bill will help to ensure we have more much needed surveyors and engineers in the state now and in the future.”    This is Senator Fulfer’s first bill to pass the Senate during his first legislative session since being appointed state senator.

Senator Griggs  said the bill provides for reciprocity between states for professional engineer licenses and it reduces the experience requirement for surveyor intern certification. The bill provides for and defines a clear route to licensure in New Mexico for those who come from other states, territories or possessions of the United States.


“Yes, New Mexico is open for business and we are actively working on solutions to the problems businesses are encountering when business is booming,” Senator Griggs said.  “This is a good for business bill and I am proud the New Mexico State Senate recognized that today.”


Senator Griggs said the bill allows the Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Professional Surveyors to use the cash balances from its own self-funded agency to be given to New Mexico institutions of higher education to award engineering and surveyor scholarships.  The board will be able to approve the use of fund balances not to exceed  $100,000 a year. Currently, there is over $450,000  in the fund balance.




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