Senate Passed Ethics Commission Act early this morning






New Mexico Senate Republican Office

Immediate Release  March 12, 2019

Contact: 505-986-4702







Wednesday, March 13, 2019



SB 668- Enacts the State Ethics Commission Act- Passed Senate 40-0, on to House



The Senate just after midnight passed SB 668 unanimously.


Voters in the last general election voted to create a State Ethics Commission comprised of seven commissioners. It is tasked with investigating alleged violations of ethical conduct by state officials, executive and legislative employees, candidates, lobbyists, government contractors and others provided by law.


The Senate Bill 668’s numerous sections spells a number of items regarding the formation and operations of a State Ethics Commission including, but not limited to:


  • How the commissioners are appointed;
  • Who needs to concur in order for action to be taken;
  • Commissioner qualifications;
  • Commission duties and powers;
  • How they will  receive and investigate ethics complaints;
  • How they will initiate complaints alleging ethics violations;
  • Addresses confidentiality of records and penalty;
  • Criminal violations;
  • Details prohibited actions including prohibiting retaliatory measures taken against those filing a complaint; and more.




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