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Immediate Release   February 21, 2019

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Senator Fulfer Suggests School Boards Ask

Critical Questions

“You have to ask who is trying to kill education, who is not protecting education’s primary source of funding?


Photo attached: (L to R)    LeAnne Gandy, Superintendent Lovington Schools, Senator Gregg Fulfer, Vanessa Robbins, Administrative Assistant, Loving Schools


Santa Fe —Senator Gregg Fulfer (R-Jal) on the Senate Floor today took the opportunity to suggest to school board members throughout the state to closely watch whether  their legislators are protecting one of  the main sources of revenue for public schools in New Mexico.


“You have to ask who is trying to kill education?  Or on the other hand, who is protecting the oil and gas industry that provides one of  the main source of funding for schools,” Senator Fulfer said. “I am suggesting you analyze each piece of legislation. Start questioning, start holding this body accountable. Your legislators need to be held accountable. It is important to the education of our kids and grandkids.”


Today, the Senate passed a Memorial Supporting School Board Members and many members were on the Senate dais and in the Senate Gallery.


Senator Fulfer said school board members need to be accountable, too.  They need to be watchful, they need to question legislation that is harming the main source of funding for education.


Senator Fulfer said school board members are a powerful group because they are the ones who oversee where about half of the state’s funding goes. He said the body of school board members has to be fiscally responsible for the state to succeed.  He also reminded them of the importance of Southeastern New Mexico’s contributions to education in the state.

“I am proud of my District 41.  Lea and Eddy counties produce a large portion of what it takes to meet the education budget.   I am going to say 70% of the new net windfall of the $1.2 billion surplus comes from a small 720 square mile area that is mostly BLM land along with deeded and some state land.”


He told his Senate colleagues and the school board members and superintendents at the capitol that there is more oil per square foot in the Permian basin which includes the small area in New Mexico than any where in the world including Saudi Arabia.


He said the state has a huge surplus of $1.2 billion and said everyone needs to be sure to be fiscally responsible on how that money is spent and that the state’s permanent fund be protected.

“Let’s not break into our future kids and grandkids piggy bank, let us not raid the land grant permanent fund,” Senator Fulfer said.





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