State Senator Gregg Fulfer will Seek a Full Term


Gregg has the support of many community leaders in both Lea and Eddy Counties

JAL — Incumbent Republican State Senator Gregg Fulfer of Jal announced today that he will seek a full term next year in the New Mexico State Senate. He represents Senate District 41, which encompasses the southern portions of both Lea and Eddy Counties and also reaches as far north as parts of Lovington and Carlsbad in each county.

Last December, outgoing Republican Governor Susana Martinez appointed Fulfer to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of former State Senator Carroll H. Leavell.

Former Lea County Commissioner Ron Black will play a key role, serving as Fulfer’s Campaign Chairman. Eddy County Sheriff Mark Cage, who is President of New Mexico Counties, and a key supporter of President Trump, announced his enthusiastic support of Fulfer:

“I’m very pleased that Gregg is going to run,” said Cage, “He’s a great conservative
         and a strong supporter of the Constitution and issues near and dear to southeastern 
         New Mexico. This is good news for all of us in Eddy and Lea Counties.”

And State Senate Republican Leader Stuart Ingle of Portales had this to say:

“It’s great news that Gregg Fulfer is going to run. Not only is he knowledgeable in all 
aspects of business, his knowledge of the oil and gas industry is unequalled, and is 
 absolutely essential to our state. I couldn’t be more pleased to endorse him!”

Hobbs businessman Hector Baeza will serve as the campaign treasurer. Bobbie Leavell of Jal is the Deputy Campaign Chair.

Additionally, Fulfer enjoys the enthusiastic endorsements of Eunice Mayor Billy Hobbs, Jal School Board President Jim Goss, Lea County Commission Chair Rebecca Long, and many other community leaders including Lovington businessman Larry Gandy and Nancy Brantley of Carlsbad.

In discussing his motivation, Fulfer had this to say:

“My family is my passion, and what protects our New Mexico families is what drives me.
         We have to have a working environment friendly to job creation—and our kids futures.”

“The Democrats have our state spending out of control, and they are still trying to bust 
         open the Permanent Fund to spend even more—while robbing from our kids’ futures.”

“Illegal immigration is costing our own citizens in terms of    healthcare resources as well 
 as educational dollars. Our leaders have to support border security.”

“I will always defend the Second Amendment rights for our law-abiding citizens. 
        Governor Grisham is wrong on this issue, and I will stand up for the people.”

Fulfer lives in Jal with his wife Kimmy. They have been married 35 years and have two daughters and seven grandchildren.


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